About Us

Marty and Big Joe have been Polka Lovers all their lives. They have been in the promotion of Polka Music with Radio Shows and Big Joe is known as the "Grand Daddy of Polka Festivals". Big Joe had his first TV Show over 45 years ago.

For over 50 years the United States has not had a National Polka Show. The Big Joe Polka Show is now on ROKU TV a nationwide TV network. 

He always stressed it is not an ethnic show, but a Polka Show featuring all Nationalities of Polka Music.

It truly is “Happy Music For Happy People”

Sadly, Big Joe passed away in Janurary of 2015.. Marty and Joe were married for 53 years and have 5 children and 7 grand children.

Our efforts now are aimed at promoting and preserving, continuing to  keep Polka Music growing.  Because of the influence and help of ROKU-TV, Polka music is moving forward at a faster pace each year. 

The main reason is the variety of nationalities just dancing and enjoying the Polkas more and more. People just having fun!

Due to the popularity of the Big Joe Polka Show it continues to be seen on ROKU TV every day. Enjoy! (Get yourself a ROKU for your TV)

Email: polkacassofer@aol.com

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